Summary of survey software: Availability and pricing

This is a summary of the information included under the heading "Availability, Pricing and Terms" for each of the software packages described on these pages. Select the appropriate title for more information on any package.

AM Software

Free software. (Developed with support from National Center for Educational Statistics.) Download from


Bascula is licensed as part of the Blaise system, so it must be kept in mind that the following illustrative prices are essentially Blaise prices and reflect the typical use of this system by large survey groups with many intensive users (interviewers). The price for an annual license is 2000 Dutch guilders per copy, with quantity discounts. The Bascula reference manual includes an introduction to the theory of adjustment weighting, usage instructions, and weighting examples.

In the United States, the base Blaise system costs $2100 for the first developer (no charge for other users, e.g. interviewers and data entry staff) and other modules (including Bascula, which does not require the base system) cost $1200 for the first developer. (Note: prices subject to change, please check with vendor.)


Free software, downloadable from Census Bureau site. Manuals are also downloadable from this site.


Distributed with documentation free of charge to organisations and individuals in developing countries. For others, a nominal handling charge is requested.

Epi Info

The software itself and manuals are free, and available over the Internet.
Printed manuals and disks are sold by a distributors; see

Generalized Estimation System

A site license allows installation on an unlimited number of machines. A site license costs $30,000 (CDN) and $3,000 yearly maintenance fee.


Free download.


Price: One-time purchase per user. Base package price is $300, add-on modules for logistic regression and post-stratification each cost $50 extra. Additional copies of the manual are $8 each.


Free download (GNU LGPL). R is updated about twice per year and the survey package is updated as needed. The current (4/2009) versions are 2.9.0 for R and 3.12-1 for the survey package.


SAS Software is licensed on an annual basis. Please contact the SAS Institute directly for more information.


See SPSS web site,


One-time purchase with perpetual license. Upgrade purchases are optional. Generous academic discount. Volume discounts and student discounts. Different "flavors" depending on the data set size requirements, and parallel processing capabilities. Example: University price for one single-user copy: from $540 for the basic IC version and basic documentation set to $985 for extended SE version and full documentation set.


Release 8.0 of Sudaan is the current version (see list of enhanced features ).

SUDAAN is available under annual site licenses. Annual academic site license renewal prices range from $60 to $385 per user (depending on volume), with new licenses costing about twice as much. Government and commercial annual site license prices range from $65 to $735 per user depending on product and volume See pricing details at Sudaan Web site.


Free (public domain) software, available to the public at the site described below.


See for licensing information.

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