Summary of survey software: Generalized Estimation System (Systeme generalise d'estimation)


Statistics Canada

Types of designs that can be accommodated.

Stratified one stage element or cluster sampling; two-phase designs.

Types of estimands and statistical analyses that can be accommodated.

The focus of this software is on calibration estimation using generalized regression (GREG) estimator theory.

Restrictions on number of variables or observations.

Size of data sets limited only by amount of available memory and size of virtual memory (swap) file.

Primary methods used for variance estimation.

Jackknife or design-based formulae for the Generalized Regression (GREG) estimator with Taylor linearization for non-linear parameters.

General description of the "feel" of the software.

GES is a SAS-based application, which runs under SAS (currently with Version 8). A windows-type interface has been developed with SAS/AF.
Data must be either in SAS data set format or in ASCII form with fixed field positions; GES can load data in ASCII form to a SAS data set.

Platforms on which the software can be run.

Platforms that have appropriate versions of SAS.

Availability, pricing and terms.

A site license allows installation on an unlimited number of machines. A site license costs $30,000 (CDN) and $3,000 yearly maintenance fee.

Contact information.

All Web information on GES is in the process of being updated. Links will be posted here when available.

Additional information.

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