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Types of Designs That Can Be Accommodated

For the sample selection procedure, the sample design can be a complex multistage sample design that includes stratification, clustering, replication, and unequal probabilities of selection.

For survey data analysis procedures, the sample design can be a complex survey sample design with stratification, clustering, unequal weighting, and with or without replacement.

Types of Estimands and Statistical Analyses That Can Be Accommodated

SAS/STAT Software provides the SURVEYSELECT procedure for sample selection and the SURVEYMEANS and SURVEYREG procedures for producing descriptive statistics and regression estimates, respectively. These three procedures are available in SAS versions 8 and higher. Beginning with SAS 9, SAS/STAT also includes the SURVEYFREQ procedure for computing crosstabulations and tests of association, and the SURVEYLOGISTIC procedure for performing logistic regression. The analysis procedures can accommodate complex survey designs that include stratification, clustering, and unequal weighting.

Restrictions on Number of Variables or Observations.


Primary Methods Used for Variance Estimation.

Taylor expansion.

General Description of the "Feel" of the Software.

The interface is similar to other SAS procedures. Programs may be entered from command files or through a windowing system. The Explorer window is used to view and manage SAS files. The Program Editor is used to enter, edit, and submit SAS programs, and messages appear in the Log window. Output from SAS programs is viewed in the Output window and navigate and managed in the Results window.

Platforms on which the Software Can Be Run.

Version 9.1 of the SAS System is available on the following platforms:

Availability, Pricing and Terms.

SAS Software is licensed on an annual basis. Please contact the SAS Institute directly for more information.

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Additional Information.

Recent papers and documentation on the survey selection and analysis procedures are available from SAS Institute's Statistics and Operations Research website at; see links at bottom of that page for papers and documentation.

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