Summary of survey software: SPSS Complex Samples

Vendor: SPSS

Types of designs that can be accommodated.

For both design and estimation, accomodates stratification, clustering, and multistage sampling. Supports a number of unequal-probability without replacement sampling schemes including 2-PSU-per-stratum designs.

Types of estimands and statistical analyses that can be accomodated.

Note: above information is for SPSS 13.0; SPSS 12 supports a more restricted set of features.

Restrictions on number of variables or observations.

Based only on system size.

Primary methods used for variance estimation.

General description of the "feel" of the software.

Menu-based entry with "wizards" for the various modules.

Platforms on which the software can be run.

Windows platforms.

Pricing and terms.

See SPSS web site,

Contact information.

SPSS Inc. Headquarters
233 S. Wacker Drive, 11th floor
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Additional information.

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