Summary of survey software: WesVar


Westat, Inc. developed and distributes this software.

Types of designs that can be accommodated.

Types of estimands and statistical analyses that can be accommodated.

Restrictions on number of variables or observations.


Primary methods used for variance estimation.

Balanced repeated replication (including the Fay method), jackknife (several variants) and other replication methods specified by users through the development of replicate weights (e.g., bootstrap).

General description of the "feel" of the software.

Software developed for Windows with the 'look and feel' of Windows. Users specify request by clicking on variables, tables, etc., in a variety of screens developed to support this activity. No programming language requirements.

Input in SAS Transport, PC-SAS(DOS), ASCII, SPSS, ODBC formats. Output in SPSS, SAS Transport, ASCII formats.

Platforms on which the software can be run.

Personal computers running Windows 95, 98 or NT.
Software is a precompiled object program that does not require any other systems except the operating system.

Availability, pricing and terms.

See for licensing information.

Contact information.

Additional information.

Documentation is available free of charge from the site and includes detailed instructions and examples. The methods of handling missing data are also described in the documentation.

An earlier version of this software is discussed in the review article from The Survey Statistician.

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