Summary of survey software: AM Software


American Institutes for Research

Types of designs that can be accommodated.

Stratified unequal-probability (weighted) cluster or multistage samples.

Types of estimands and statistical analyses that can be accomodated.

AM Software was developed particularly for analysis of data from educational surveys (such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress). It includes a number of analyses under the rubric of Marginal Maximum Likelihood (MML), based on test theory (Item Response Theory) and used particularly to analyze data in which different subjects complete to different subscales of a test. Procedures in this group include MML Regression, MML Means, MML Table (Ordinal), MML Table (Nominal), MML Composite Means, MML Composite Regression, NALS Table, and NAEP Table.

It also includes more standard analyses including Frequencies, Descriptives, Correlations, (Linear) Regression, Percentiles, Probit and Logit Regression.

Data manipulation capabilities include ability to recode or calculate variables.

New features currently in a Beta-test version (available for download) include:

Restrictions on number of variables or observations.

Primary methods used for variance estimation.

Mainly through Taylor Series methods. Methods based on replication (Jackknife, Balanced repeated, Bootstrap) are available for some analyses.

General description of the "feel" of the software.

Windows menu-based interface.

Input: Data are read as SPSS .sav files, SAS transport files, or ASCII files with a data dictionary in a specific format (adapted to structuring variables for an educational test with scales and subscales). Newest (Beta-release) version accomodates a larger range of input and output formats.

Output to web browser, spreadsheet or plain text.

Platforms on which the software can be run.

Windows PC.

Pricing and terms.

Free software. (Developed with support from National Center for Educational Statistics.) Download from

Contact information.

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