Summary of survey software: PC CARP


Iowa State University Statistical Laboratory

Types of designs that can be accommodated.

Designed for multistage stratified samples. Finite population correction terms can be introduced at two stages.

Types of estimands and statistical analyses that can be accommodated.

Constructs estimates and standard errors for totals, means, quantiles, ratios, difference of ratios and entries in two-way tables. Weighted regression equations can also be estimated.

Add-on modules calculate logistic regressions and estimation with poststratification.

Restrictions on number of variables or observations.

No restrictions on the number of observations, and most analyses accomodate up to 50 variables. Two analyses (ratios with covariance matrix and difference of ratios) are limited to a maximum of 15 variables.

Primary methods used for variance estimation.

Taylor linearization.

General description of the "feel" of the software.

Standalone program with text-based menu screens. (No mouse support). Data entered/prepared as ASCII text. Records may be space-delimited or fixed-length. FORTRAN format syntax used for reading fixed-length data.

Platforms on which the software can be run.

System requirements: Any current Windows/DOS PC. Distributed as precompiled programs.

Availability, pricing and terms.

Price: One-time purchase per user. Base package price is $300, add-on modules for logistic regression and post-stratification each cost $50 extra. Additional copies of the manual are $8 each.

Contact information.

Sandie Smith
Statistical Laboratory
219 Snedecor Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1210
Phone: (515)294-9773
Fax : (515)294-4433
Web page:

Additional information

This software is discussed in the review article from The Survey Statistician.

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