Summary of survey software: Platforms

This is a summary of the information included under the heading "Platforms" for each of the software packages described on these pages. Select the appropriate title for more information on any package.

AM Software

Windows PC.


The program runs under Windows, and is distributed as a compiled program for Windows 95 or higher.



IBM PC or compatibles (286 or higher), with math co-processor.
Distributed as pre-compiled FORTRAN programs. No special requirements.

Epi Info

Most recent version (EpiInfo 2000) requires Windows (95 or more recent version). EpiInfo 6 requires any computer that can run a DOS application. Note that the CSAMPLE module for analysis of complex survey is only available in the DOS version, although it can be installed to be accessed from the Windows version. From the on-line documentation:

The [standard, outside CSAMPLE]commands assume that the data were collected using simple random (or unbiased systematic) sampling. If the data were collected using a more complex design, such as cluster sampling, then methods used to analyze the data need to take the design into account. Epi Info for DOS, available from the Epi Info web site mentioned on the title page of this manual, provides the CSample program for the analysis of data collected using complex designs, and this can be linked to the Epi Info 2000 menu if desired for use after exporting data to an Epi Info 6 file.

Generalized Estimation System

Platforms that have appropriate versions of SAS.


Windows PCs, Linux PCs, and workstations running under the Solaris (Sun) or AIX (IBM) operating system. SAS (6.12 or higher) is required.


System requirements: Any current Windows/DOS PC. Distributed as precompiled programs.


R can be run on R is distributed as precompiled binaries for Windows and Mac, and as auto-configuring source code for Unix. Most parts of the survey code should be easy to port to work with S-Plus; a port of version 3.6-8 to S-Plus 8 is available.


Version 9.1 of the SAS System is available on the following platforms:


Windows platforms.


Software is distributed as precompiled object program. Updates are distributed through http protocol; the minor updates include the script ("ado") and help files, and are usually issued once in two-three weeks; the major updates to the executable file are usually made approximately once in a quarter. The software checks the availability of updates on startup. Current version is Stata 10 (as of June 2007). Multiprocessor parallel processing version of Stata is available.


SUDAAN is distributed as a precompiled program.


For Windows PCs, a precompiled version is available, which runs under Windows from the command line.
For Unix systems, Fortran source code is available the site; a Fortran (f77) compiler is required to make the executable. A precompiled version for Sun Solaris systems is available.
VPLX has also been compiled for other platforms, such as VMS systems, although these versions are not currently maintained. Contact the developer for more information.


Personal computers running Windows 95, 98 or NT.
Software is a precompiled object program that does not require any other systems except the operating system.

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