Summary of survey software: Designs Accomodated

This is a summary of the information included under the heading "Types of designs that can be accommodated" for each of the software packages described on these pages. Select the appropriate title for more information on any package.

AM Software

Stratified unequal-probability (weighted) cluster or multistage samples.


The following designs can be accomodated for variance estimation.


Sample designs ranging from simple random samples of elements to more complex stratified, multistage cluster designs.


The program computes sampling errors taking into account the actual sample design. There are no specific restrictions on the designs handled, except the basic ones of 'large enough' sample size and the availability of two or more independent primary selections per stratum with replacement. The finite population correction is disregarded. Flexible facilities for specifying computing strata, primary units and sample weights are included

Epi Info

Stratified sampling, with or without clustering; multistage samples; unequal-probability (e.g. pps) samples. Does not calculate finite population corrections, so either sampling fraction must be small or sampling must be with replacement.

Generalized Estimation System

Stratified one stage element or cluster sampling; two-phase designs.


Complex designs with stratification and clustering.


Designed for multistage stratified samples. Finite population correction terms can be introduced at two stages.



For the sample selection procedure, the sample design can be a complex multistage sample design that includes stratification, clustering, replication, and unequal probabilities of selection.

For survey data analysis procedures, the sample design can be a complex survey sample design with stratification, clustering, unequal weighting, and with or without replacement.


For both design and estimation, accomodates stratification, clustering, and multistage sampling. Supports a number of unequal-probability without replacement sampling schemes including 2-PSU-per-stratum designs.



Multiple design options allow users to analyze data from stratified, cluster sample, or multistage sample designs. Sample members may have been selected with unequal probabilities, and either with or without replacement. Any number of strata and stages can be specified. In addition, different design options may be combined in one study if different sampling methods were used for parts of the population.


Stratified and clustered designs.


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