HCP Research

HCP has a rich research portfolio to help meet and enhance their stated mission: to “improve the health of the public through improved health policy.” Our research success has benefited over the years from a rich collection of administrative (public and private) and clinical data and close interactions between HCP faculty members and federal and state policy makers. Faculty expertise in medicine, economics, and statistics allows us to approach complicated problems related to cost, quality and access in a rigorous, unbiased, and timely fashion. Interactions with researchers in other schools at Harvard or in other universities expand our expertise and skill sets.

Our general research areas are fine-tuned frequently depending upon the external environment and associated policy needs. For example, much of the work on costs of health care now relates to evaluation of the effects on costs and quality of new payment schemes.

The best way of identifying our scope of research is to visit our Specialty Areas page, search under Publications, or review the interests of core and affiliated faculty.

Research is supported by grants from the federal government (largely NIH), private foundations, and some endowment funds residing in HCP.