HCP Today

HCP's mission is to "improve the health of the public through comprehensive health policy research." One of ten core basic and social science departments at Harvard Medical School, it has the largest research portfolio and full time faculty in health policy at Harvard University:
  • We have approximately 20 full-time core faculty members in residence, with a primary research appointment here and often secondary appointments in affiliated teaching hospitals or other Harvard schools. We have another 12 affiliated faculty who work closely with us and have have secondary or part-time appointments in the department. HCP faculty members have served on MedCAC, MedPAC, The CBO Panel of Health Advisers, PCORI, and many other national and federal advisory groups. Seventy percent of the core HCP faculty members have been elected to the Institute of Medicine and one to the National Academy of Sciences. They also serve on several private and public boards.
  • Our research covers multiple areas related to quality, costs and access, much of it related to new or proposed health care efforts both locally and nationally. We succeed in our work because of close relationships with policy makers and many collaborators throughout the country.
  • We have a rich educational program and run one of the highest ranking courses at HMS, a required course in health policy for first year medical students. We have educated over 100 doctoral students in health policy and are a co-sponsor of the HMS/HBS MD/MBA program. The MD/MBA program has had over 44 enrollees over all four years, and approximately 10-12 students are accepted each year. 

HCP continues to find new, innovative ways to impact the field of health policy by collaborating with specialists in and out of the department. As the landscape changes, the department will continue working to make an impact to improve quality of care for those who need it.