Marshall J. Seidman Lecture and Fellowship Program

In 2000 on the occasion of his 50th reunion from Harvard Law School, Marshall J. Seidman provided endowment support to the Department of Health Care Policy at HMS for two purposes: to support research related to health care costs and quality and to host an annual meeting by a leading policy maker. According to Mr. Seidman’s bequest:

Income shall be used for the purposes of having an annual visiting professor and lecture sponsored by the Department of Health Care Policy on issues related to costs and quality of health care. It is the wish of the donor that support will ideally be given to activities that are most likely to impact on federal and state approaches to these problems.


Fellowship Program

In 2004, HCP established the Marshall J. Seidman Program for Medical Economics. It is a teaching and research fund that supports activities for post-doctoral fellows or faculty members to research health policy and health economics at the state or federal level. From there, the Seidman Fellowship Program was created. Three fellows are selected for two-year terms each; they collaborate with HCP's junior faculty and present to the department two or more times a semester for the Seidman Fellowship Seminar Series. Senior faculty members Mary Beth Landrum and David C. Grabowski currently oversee the program. 

The first Seidman fellows joined HCP in summer 2015, and moved on in summer 2017. A new cohort of Seidman fellows began their terms at HCP over the summer of 2017. Wenjia Zhu, is mentored by Nicole Maestas, joins HCP from the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago. Andrew Wilcock, who comes from the University of Minnesota, is mentored by McWilliams and Mehrotra.


Lecture Series

HCP has sponsored the Marshall J. Seidman lecture every year since 2001. The speaker, a health policy expert from outside Harvard University, comes to the Longwood campus to lecture the department and various other invited health care professionals. The speaker engages the audience by providing insight on a current, relevant subject relating to health care costs, quality, or improvements. The lectures often lead to spirited and informed discussions that provide added depth to the topic. The lecture series has attracted several eminent professionals and academics to speak at HCP. 

Past Lectures:

Joseph R. Antos and Len M. Nichols
Debating the Political and Policy Landscape of Health Reform

Peter V. Lee
Covered California: Improving the Affordability and Access of Health Care

Douglas Elmendorf 
Next Steps for Federal Health Care Policy

Leemore Dafny
Healthcare Provider Consolidation: Facts, Myths, and Unknowns

Joshua M. Sharfstein
Lashed to the Mast: Navigating through Health Care Policy, Politics, and Reform in 2014 and Beyond

Senator Tom Daschle
The Affordable Care Act: A New Paradigm for Health Care in America; A Review of the Challenges that Lie Ahead and What It Will Take to Succeed

Alan Weil
Can American Federalism Survive Health Reform?

Mark Vincent Pauly
Caution: Do Not Try This at Home without Adult Supervision--Cost Sharing in Insurance

Alan M. Garber
The Real Promise of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Peter R. Orszag
New Ideas about Human Behavior in Economics and Medicine

Mark B. McClellan
Improving Quality and Value for Medicare Beneficiaries

Zach W. Hall
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

William H. Frist
Manhattan Project for the 21st Century

President Emeritus Lawrence H. Summers

Health Care and Economics: What Can We Learn?

Gail R. Wilensky
1991 Revisited – Can We Be Smarter the Second Time Around?

Victor R. Fuchs
Non-Medical Determinants of Health

Robert D. Reischauer
Hard to Swallow: Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare