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Training in the use of the World Health Organization World Mental Health Composite International Diagnostic Interview (WHO WMH-CIDI) must be obtained at a WHO-authorized CIDI Training and Reference Center (TRC). These TRCs offer training and support for use of the WHO WMH-CIDI.

The WHO WMH-CIDI training course is appropriate for principal investigators who plan to use the WHO WMH-CIDI in research projects, study managers who will be in charge of implementing research projects, data analysts who will be working with data generated from WHO WMH-CIDI studies, and interviewers. The training addresses issues in data collection, editing, coding and data cleaning and provides hands-on experience in the administration of the WHO WMH-CIDI.

The CIDI is administered as a computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI), and training includes a copy of the Blaise CAPI application. Please note that the CIDI is no longer available as a paper and pencil (PAPI) version. Participants who successfully complete the CAPI training will also receive the SAS programs to generate the DSM-V and ICD-10 diagnoses. [The updated version of the CAPI questionnaire and the SAS algorithms for DSM-V are not yet available. Expected release date is November 2015.] Both the questionnaire and the algorithm programs are modularized so that the entire questionnaire can be used, or a subset of of the CIDI diagnoses/sections can be selected for administration. Training participants also receive access to the restricted area of the CIDI website, where you can download current versions of all technical programs and their documentation, and receive updates to the instrument and algorithms as they become available.

Currently, training is offered in the following languages:


United States

Spanish - Coming Soon