The World Mental Health Survey Initiative
National Comorbidity Survey
World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionaire
Download the WHO WMH-CIDI Instruments

Paper and Pencil Instrument (PAPI)
NOTE: The PAPI is no longer supported. Current users may continue to use the PAPI, but it will not be updated.
WHO WMH-CIDI PAPI V7.1: Follow this link for PDF documents of the most recent version of the PAPI. You cannot receive the algorithms for this instrument without first taking the course in its use.

Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
WHO WMH-CIDI CAPI V21.1.3: Follow this link for PDF versions of the document files only. Note: Certification required to download the executable files. For more information click here.

Please note: if you are unable to download the PDF files, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat on your computer. This is a free download available from