Location of Cancer Surgery for Older Veterans with Cancer

Publication Name: 
Health Services Research
Publication Authors: 
Kouri EM, Landrum MB, Lamont EB, et al.
HCP Authors:Mary Beth Landrum PhD, Elizabeth Lamont MD, MS, Barbara J. McNeil MD, PhD, Nancy Keating MD, MPH
Date of Publication: 
Apr 2012

OBJECTIVE: Many veterans undergo cancer surgery outside of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). We assessed to what extent these patients obtained care in the VHA before surgery.

ATA SOURCES: VHA-Medicare data, VHA administrative data, and Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry data.

STUDY DESIGN: We identified patients aged ≥65 years in the VHA-Medicare cohort who underwent lung or colon cancer resection outside the VHA and assessed VHA visits in the year before surgery.

PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Over 60% of patients in the VHA-Medicare cohort who received lung or colon cancer surgeries outside the VHA did not receive any care in VHA before surgery.

CONCLUSIONS:Veterans' receipt of major cancer surgery outside the VHA probably reflects usual private sector care among veterans who are infrequent VHA users.

(April 2012)

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