Tom McGuire Publishes New Book on Optimal Risk Adjustment & Quality Reporting

January 19, 2017

Models of Health Plan Payment and Quality ReportingTom McGuire with long-time collaborator Jacob Glazer has published a new book titled Models of Health Plan Payment and Quality Reporting that provides a comprehensive look at the research areas of optimal risk adjustment and optimal quality reporting. Glazer and McGuire’s research is credited for initiating the perspective of “optimal” risk adjustment and quality reporting, which introduces the idea that design of payment systems should be chosen to best solve efficiency problems in health care markets (rather than be the result of only a statistical analysis). 

The book is made up of articles from Glazer and McGuire, often working in collaboration with other researchers. Richard Frank coauthors a chapter on adverse selection, and Alan Zaslavsky coauthors a chapter on applying global ratings to health care quality reporting.

The book links the theoretical models to empirical and policy applications, particularly making premium efficient and fair, using quality ratings to encourage efficient service use, and using risk adjustment to encourage health plans to provide care for persons with chronic illness.  

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