Rose Awarded Harvard Medical School Young Mentor Award

May 22, 2019

Associate professor of health care policy (biostatistics) Sherri Rose, PhD, has been awarded the Harvard Medical School Young Mentor Award.

Established in 2005, the Young Mentor Award is awarded to faculty who are in the early stages in their careers and devote time to mentoring others.  The Excellence in Mentoring Awards were created by Harvard Medical School to recognize the value of the quality of mentoring relationships created at the school and the impact that they have on professional development and career advancement. Recipients of the awards work in areas such as basic/clinical medicine, research, teaching, and administration.

Rose’s research focuses on statistical machine learning. She works on fairness for risk adjustment formulas and the generalizability of computational health economics algorithms within health care policy. In 2015, she founded the Health Policy Data Science Lab with associate professor of health care policy (biostatistics) Laura Hatfield, PhD, to create a collaborative, inclusive work environment to investigate policy issues using statistical methods. The lab studies topics such as spending levels in markets, spending goals for accountable care organizations, and mental health outcomes among gender minority individuals living in states with and without non-discrimination policies.

Rose was awarded the Young Mentor Award in a celebration on Tuesday, May 21 at Harvard Medical School.