Mike Chernew, Nicole Maestas Partner with BCBSA Alliance for Health Research

November 15, 2016

Mike Chernew and Nicole Maestas will conduct a study as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Alliance for Health Research (Alliance) assessing variation across providers in opioid use and treatment.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is partnering with academics to help enable the improvement of the health of Americans via access to their de-identified data.

The team will study variations in opioid prescribing across providers, analyze patterns of pain management for opioids and alternative treatments, and assess how policies and procedures have affected opioid use. There will be particular emphasis on opioid pain treatment and its functional effects on older Americans.

In the press release, Chernew said:

“BCBSA’s decision to allow independent access to their data demonstrates a commitment to supporting evidence based transformation of the health care system. We are honored to work with BCBSA, BCBS companies and other Alliance members to support this effort.”

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