Michael Chernew: Potential Options for Repealing Obamacare

December 14, 2016

Mike ChernewIn recent weeks, Congressional Republicans have been debating how to potentially repeal Obamacare. The prospect has sent the health policy world into frenzied discussion about the nature and timing of any replacement, as well as what the change will mean for the millions of people currently covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Most recently, Republicans have attempted to clarify that it will be a long process to transition current enrollees into a new insurance system.

According to Michael Chernew in an ABC interview,

I think now the line is more like ‘repeal and delay.’ It is symbolically important for the new congress and administration to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but it would be deleterious to abolish the system before a replacement is in place.

Chernew elaborates that public subsidies for states will likely stay until 2018, in order not to disrupt the industry or economy. Regardless of what the new law or laws look like, “the underlying problem remains”: Americans need access to care, and the costs of providing it must be sustainable. 

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