Joseph Newhouse Presents Victor R. Fuchs Lifetime Achievement Award at American Society of Health Economists’ 5th Biennial Conference

July 2, 2014
The American Society of Health Economists’ Biennial Conference (ASHEcon) took place at the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics at the University of Southern California from June 22 to 25, 2014. ASHEcon is intended to “serve as forum for emerging ideas and empirical results of health economics research.”
Joseph Newhouse, PhD, was presented with the Victor R. Fuchs Lifetime Achievement Award on June 24th at this year’s ASHEcon meeting. The Lifetime Achievement Award is conferred biennially to an economist who has made significant lifetime contributions to the field of health economics. Dr. Newhouse’s career in the field of health economics spans over 30 years and has been well-recognized. Dr. Newhouse and his co-authors were awarded the 2013 Arrow Award for best paper in health economics in 2012 and the National Institute of Health Care Management’s Research Award for 2013. 
Many HCP faculty members and affiliates were in attendance and had their work showcased at this year’s ASHEcon meeting.  Professor Newhouse chaired a session and gave a talk on “Geographic Variation in Medical Care Spending.”  Tom McGuire, PhD chaired three sessions for the National Institute of Mental Health and presented a paper titled “Grading Risk-Adjusted Health Plan Payments: Fit, Power and Balance.” Michael Chernew, PhD served as Schaeffer Chair on the Payment Reform plenary. Haiden Huskamp, PhD presented a paper titled “Substance Use Disorder Treatment under New Payment and Delivery System Models.” Chris Afendulis, PhD presented a paper titled “Plan Quality, The ACA, and Medicare Advantage Plan Offerings.” Anupam Jena, MD, PhD presented two papers titled “A Double-Edged Sword: Exhaust the Ozone Layer or Ban Ozone Depleting Asthma Drugs?” and “Mortality and Treatment Patterns Among Patients Hospitalized with Acute Cardiovascular Conditions During Dates of National Cardiology Meetings.” David Grabowski, PhD presented a paper titled “Market Competition and the Quality of Nursing Home Care.” Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH presented a paper titled “Shopping for a Physician: Is Per Visit Costs Useful Information?” 
To read more about the 2014 ASHEcon meeting please visit their website.

Victor Fuchs' video tribute to Joseph Newhouse from ASHEcon Social Media on Vimeo.