Joseph Newhouse Advises Policy Experts in the Netherlands

December 12, 2016

Rotterdam Skyline The NetherlandsDecember 12, 2016—Joseph Newhouse visited the Netherlands at the invitation of the CPB, Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. There, he spoke on various aspects of health care, speaking to prominent Dutch policy makers and academics about the differences between the Dutch and American systems.

The topics discussed included costs, market forces and the role of health insurance companies. In the Netherlands, there is a standardized basic benefit package with a risk-equalization model, with a mandatory deductible of no less than 385 Euros for adult consumers.

Issues discussed included what might be a more effective deductible design in order to reduce non-essential/unnecessary expensive care, whether value-based insurance design might work as a viable model, and whether price transparency is needed for the Dutch out-of-pocket system.

During his trip, Newhouse gave a seminar on deductibles and copayments at the Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, led a seminar and discussion with researchers at Erasmus University, gave a master class to the Dutch-Flemish Health Economists Association (ZEIST), was the featured speaker at the Ninth Health Policy Workshop of the Dutch Ministry of Health, the Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy, and Tilburg University, and had an afternoon discussion titled “What are the barriers for more integrated care?” with the Dutch National Institute for Health Care and the Environment.  

Newhouse’s visit was highlighted by Marieke ten Katen in Financieel Dagblad, a Dutch daily newspaper focusing on finance.

His hosts were Rudy Douven and Jeroen Struijs, former HCP Harkness Fellows. According to Newhouse, they treated him royally—but kept him very busy!

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