Health Policy Students Show Where Immigrant Doctors from Banned Countries Practice

March 11, 2017

Interactive United States MapBy: Katherine J. Igoe

A Harvard health policy student along with nine other Harvard and MIT economics students have put together a website featuring an interactive map with information on where in the U.S. doctors with training from the seven affected countries from President Trump’s travel ban practice medicine.

Among their findings:

  • There are more than 8,000 doctors trained in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen currently working in the United States.
  • They provide an estimated 16 million appointments to patients each year.
  • The Rust Belt and Appalachia are among the areas with the highest concentration of doctors from these countries, including states such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia that swung the election to Donald Trump.
  • Doctors from the seven targeted countries provide an estimated 1.6 million appointments per year in Michigan; 1 million in Ohio; 800,000 in Pennsylvania; and 270,000 in West Virginia.
  • Doctors from the seven targeted countries provide 2.6 million appointments each year in areas with shortages of health professionals.

The Harvard students include health policy and economics students Adrienne Sabety, Mitra Akhtari, Matthew Basilico, Valentin Bolotnyy, John Coglianese, Jonathan Roth, Heather Sarsons and recent economics graduate Peter Ganong. The underlying data set is Doximity data that was provided by Anupam B. Jena and Daniel Blumenthal. 

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