David Grabowski Quoted in Boston Globe on Poor Nursing Home Quality Locally

January 11, 2017

Hands CaneDavid Grabowski has researched quality of care in nursing homes across the United States—and his work has become relevant to local nursing homes as well.

Three Massachusetts nursing homes owned by Genesis Healthcare were recently implicated for having extremely poor quality of care in an article by The Boston Globe. Genesis is the largest owner of nursing homes in Massachusetts and in the United States.

In the article, Grabowski spoke about his recent research, which links the sale of chain-owned nursing homes with poorer quality. The correlation between the two has led Grabowski and coauthors to advocate for better federal and state regulations around the details of a nursing home’s sale and provide better transparency about sales and chain ownership to those people who might use their services.

In the article, Grabowski said:

There are some common ties around quality and overall culture across providers in a chain, and that could be a useful signal for consumers.

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