David Grabowski Named to MedPAC

May 24, 2017

David GrabowskiDavid Grabowski, whose work centers on the economics of aging, has been named to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

MedPAC is a nonpartisan agency that reports on and advises Congress on issues surrounding Medicare. Grabowski’s recent work has focused on care interventions and on post-acute care, most recently through a research brief for AcademyHealth. In his new role, Grabowski will attend several public and non-public meetings each year over the course of his three-year term.

In a related press release, Gene L. Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office said, 

"MedPAC plays a crucial role in advising Congress on Medicare issues. I am pleased to announce these latest appointments and want to thank the many strong candidates who applied this year."

Grabowski said, “It is an honor to join my colleagues at MedPAC and contribute meaningfully to the discussion of Medicare payment policy for older and disabled individuals.” 

Grabowski is preceded by Barbara McNeil, Joseph Newhouse, and Michael Chernew in MedPAC and its predecessor ProPAC.

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