Education at HCP

The interdisciplinary nature of HCP means that faculty members are active in teaching and training students throughout Harvard in a wide variety of areas and sites: in doctoral programs, joint degree programs, and multiple schools. 

Graduate students in the department come from the university-wide Health Policy PhD Program in health policy, as well as from several other doctoral programs, including epidemiology, statistics, and biostatistics. Within the Health Policy PhD, there are several tracks: decision sciences, economics, ethics, evaluative sciences and statistics, management, and political analysis. HCP hosts graduate student seminars weekly for students in the health policy program. At these seminars, students present proposed thesis work and well as research that is near completion.

Two major multiyear training grants are housed in the department, supporting 15 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows each year. One is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; the other is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. Graduate students are typically funded by a combination of training grants in their early years and research funding in later years. The department also hosts postdoctoral fellows, in fields such as statistics, economics, and medicine.

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