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When choosing to become part of the WHO WMH-CIDI community you are presented with a unique opportunity of administering the instrument in its PAPI (paper and pencil) form or in its computerized form [more commonly referred to as Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)].

Although the CAPI and PAPI instruments cover essentially the same information, one of the major differences that can be observed between the two versions is the CAPI instruments' ability to handle more elaborate skip patterns, complex randomization routines, question fills, and edit checking on-the-fly or during the course of the interview. However, these differences do not affect the comparability of the resulting data between the two modes of instrumentation. Alternatively, interviewers marking their responses in the paper instrument (PAPI) capture data by the use of a computerized Direct Data Entry or DDE program which allows one to perform analysis on the resulting data. Therefore, the DDE is the PAPI equivalent of the CAPI instrument. Both the CAPI and DDE instruments have been written in the same software program named Blaise (See Software Licensing).

Which mode should I choose?

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